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Hello I am Marks Germain, I would like to tell you about myself and my German Shepherds. I am a journeymen, master breeder with over 46 years of experience breeding better dogs. At an early age of 15 I learned about the correct way to genetically create and if correct perpetuate a superior line of dogs. My reference materials was and still is the new art of breeding better dogs by Kyle Onslott. It can be done with most breed. I have worked and bred successfully various hunting dogs as well as my passion FAMILY PROTECTION dogs. Dobermans, Rotts, Danes, Akitas, etc. My present line of German Shepherds that I have been working with and breeding for 11 years and with world class results.

Let's talk about today's German Shepherds. The heralded German imports of today who hold shutzund titles along with show titles are weak protectors at best. Ah! The sought after German import, if one knows what the GSD was in the country of Germany at the time of World War 2 and previously and compared them to the German exports of today they would be looking at two different dogs. The modern day germ impt. is a roach backed, color diffused dog with pathetic hind quarters and weak character. In no way resembling that big gorgeous German police dog that made the breed excel to the top of the K9 world decades ago. My breeding program is based on sound genetics in the host dog and bitch to be mated to perpetuate my line. I had one goal, to find dogs and bitches with the best ancestry to recreate and perpetuate the old German police dog. And make them available at an affordable prices.

I have done this and have these GSDs now. I do not breed out to some world champion of various titles, to do such is merely a crapshot, you could have a better chance of winning the lottery than producing high end quality like dogs or bitches. I breed solely based on sound genetics with applied selective breeding. It is truly the correct way to breed dogs. I say that 99 percent of those out there who call themselves BREEDERS are imposters. They are simply uneducated,so called breeders who breed dogs and put high prices on them with no knowledge to be called a breeder. The integrity of the breeds which is the GSD which is paramount to the knowledge of the breeder. I know my line deeply - a real pure bred gene pool - big, happy, intelligent and doing there jobs daily. Guarding families, kids, grandmas, working with the police departments, search and rescues and as military service dogs. All born and bred in the great northern rocky mountains in the historic nine mile valley Montana. I do not offer stud services. Breeders that offer stud services are the ones guilty of perpetuating such genetic defects as in the most prominent defect hip dysplasia.

They are more interested in the dollars they get from the stud fee by breeding out to a bitch with no knowledge of the bitches ancestry and genetic failures which in effect has created the demise of the GSD today. With my deepest feelings and convictions I say these people are an abomination and have damaged the GSD's of today merely for the sake of their own financial gain. With the testimonies of scores of happy and safe germainhaus puppy owners whose pups are now adults are available to any prospective buyers. A better German Shepherd Dog will be a test to find anywhere any price. I will not disappoint you.

Marks Stefan Germain 


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Located in Huson, Montana, Germainhaus is owned and operated by experienced and knowledgable German Shepherd breeders. I offer the best quality puppies that make perfect family pets. I specialize in breeding German Shepherds and am proud to be local Montana master breeders with more than 46 years of experience.

Our owner, Marks, uses sound genetically proved techniques to breed the healthiest and most intelligent dogs for your family protection needs. Marks is committed to helping you find the best German Shepherd puppies for your family to raise and enjoy.

Natural Protectors
The German Shepherd is recognized as the world's leading police, guard, and military dog, and is known for rescuing and saving people. German Shepherds make fearless family guardians and our German Shepherd dogs are natural protectors who are smart, willing to learn, and easily trained.

Dog Training Classes
Our regular training includes conditioning, leash training, and teaching basic obedience commands, and we also offer dog protection training. This training is offered to provide peace of mind and ample protection.

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